Our Why

We create communities where business leaders feel connected, inspired and supported to take their personal and business growth to the next level.

The unique format of peer2peer has been influenced by the result of thousands of frank conversations with today's business leaders about the type of support they need.

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Surround yourself with amazing, like-minded leaders and see the odds of success fly in your favour

peer2peer offers a level of support that you didn't know you needed. The workbooks are superb, time spent at peer2peer is time spent on me to make my business and myself even better.
Emma Platt
peer2peer member
Joining peer2peer has been an absolute game-changer for my business. The level of support, insights, and connections I've gained within this community is unparalleled. The diverse pool of talented professionals fosters an environment where collaboration and growth thrive.
Toby McConnell
peer2peer member
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How do boards work?

  • peer2peer identifies and onboards impactful Chairs into our Chair community
  • each Chair hand-picks their own group of up to 15 non-competing leaders to form their peer2peer board
  • every Chair brings their own expertise and experience and has access to our workbooks, Chair community and CPD with peer2peer
  • board members and their Chair meet monthly for a half-day at a fixed location to work on their business and themselves

Why choose a peer2peer board?

  • Ten great heads are better than one
  • It’s no longer lonely at the top
  • Access to exceptional skill-building material and advice
  • Being held to account by your peers will expedite your journey
  • Peer boards are fun, and you deserve to love your flight!

What our members say

There’s a common theme in what our members tell us about their journey and how peer2peer helps them to 'get there':

Clarity - peer2peer helps you to gain clarity on your strategy, your direction, your next move
Accountability - it’s so much easier and effortless when your Chair and peers hold you to account than when you try to do it alone
Knowledge - continuous skill building through workbooks, resources, knowledge sharing, workshops, programs, recommendations
Experience - share experience, gain experience, celebrate experience, benefit from others’ experiences and, most of all, enjoy the experience!

At peer2peer we love an acronym and we’re firm advocates of the fact that you really can have your CAKE and eat it!

Key criteria

  • Confidentiality - every Chair and Board member signs a confidentiality agreement
  • There are no competing members on the same board
  • Every Chair and board member is encouraged to complete a Contribution Compass personality profile